Thursday, May 12, 2016

Political Blogging: A Transition

Life is change, sometimes what we expect, and sometimes not so much. Y'all know, a while back, I was gleefully, or more like painstakingly transitioning this blog, and other as well, to a blog at my own domain - Thinking, it would all be one blog. And I did that - sort of.

At the time, it didn't quite click why it wouldn't necessarily be such a great idea to write about road-trips, poems and politics all on the same blog.

Meanwhile, this little blog is still sitting here, thank all you kind readers who kept coming back and kept reading, despite the fact that I was somewhere over there, on Regina Garson's "new" Blog.

It's still there, but "lessons learned," I'm moving the politics back over here, which best I can figure is mostly why folks are still coming back to this one. However, if it's the other stuff you prefer, not the political at all, or at least not going forward, click here for Southern style road-trips, a little bit of poetry, my writer's take on writing and life.

In the meantime, if you missed anything political, my more recent posts, in reverse chronological order, include: